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Price 208.00
AEG KD6070M 7cm Compact Drawer to Accommodate Oven Accessories - Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel. Designed to be used in conjunction with the AEG KS7100000M.
Price 193.00
AEG K5010M Chimney Kit for AEG extractor hood models DVB4850M, DVB4550M, DVB4550B, DVB4850B, DVB3850M, DVB3550M, DVB3550B, DVB3850B.
Price 173.00
Get all the advantages of an induction hob, with fast heat up and precise temperature control and still be able to do true wok cooking due to this innovative cradle.
Price 173.00
Price 120.00
AEG K9693X Cosmetic Chimney Kit in Stainless Steel.
Price 110.00
AEG K1000B Cosmetic Chimney Kit in Black. .Height of body 300mm, Width external 300mm, Depth external 200mm. min height is 300 mm, max height 580 mm.
Price 94.00
AEG TR2LS Telescopic Runners with 2 Shelves for all AEG Single Electric Ovens except AEG B996975M, B996985M and B98205M.
Price 87.00
AEG K1000X Cosmetic Chimney Kit.
Price 77.00
AEG TR1LFSTV 1 Set of Telescopic Shelf Supports (shelves not included), suitable for all new AEG STEAM MaxiKlasse single ovens.
Price 57.00
AEG TR1LFV Fully Extendable Telescopic Shelf Runners suitable for use with the AEG MaxiKlasse oven range.
Price 46.00
AEG TYPE15 Recirculating Filter for AEG hood models, DKB4650M, DKB4950M, DKB3650M, DKB3950M, DKB5660HM, DKB5960HM, DTB3651M, DIK7190HG, DBK7990HG, DBB5660HM, DBB5760HM, DBB5960HM.
Price 43.00
AEG TYPE57 Recirculating Filter for AEG hood models DVB4850M, DVB4550M, DEB2631S, DVB4550B, DVB4850B, DVB3850M, DVB3550M, DEC2630S, DVB3550B, DVB3850B.