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Downdraft hoods 50-60cm wide

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Price 1,556.00
Siemens LF16VA570B Worktop Domino Extractor in Stainless Steel/Glass. 3 speed + 1 intensive, touch control, Recirculation kit: LZ58000.
Price 1,468.00
Neff i91VT44N0B 11cm wide Worktop Domino Extractor. 3 speeds plus 1 intensive, touch control, recirculating filter required: Z5290X0. Energy Rating A.
Price 1,319.00
Best HOOD-BE-LI-60-SS 60cm Lift hood stainless steel EM = (External or Remote Motor - motor to be ordered separately)
Price 999.00
Caple DD606SS 580mm wide Downdraft Hood in Stainless Steel, Electronic controls, low profile, for use with gas or electric hobs, Motor required, sold separately.
Price 999.00
Caple DD606BK 580mm Wide Downdraft Hood in Stainless Steel with Black Glass, low profile, illuminated touch controls, Motor required - sold separately. Recirculation kit: CAP27CF.
Price 949.00
Best HOOD-BE-MV-60-SS 60cm Movie hood stainless steel
Price 759.00
Best HOOD-BE-ME-60-SS 60cm Movie hood stainless steel (EM = External or Remote Motor - motor to be ordered separately)